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If you would like to view Pětidomí Garden and discuss your upcoming event please contact us to make an appointment.


Pětidomí 5
Prague 6, 160 00



Tel.: +420 777 354 246

Pětidomí Garden is located in one of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in Prague - Bubeneč, in a close vicinity of Letná, Dejvice and Stromovka Park. 


In Prague, parking is regulated by PAID PARKING ZONES. We recommend to park on the purple zone, marked with a discontinuous white line and a traffic sign with a purple stripe (V Tišině, Romaina Rollanda, Nad Královskou oborou street and Boris Němcov square). The purple zone is meant for mixed parking - residents and visitors. Visitors may use it after paying via the virtual parking clock web app or using the parking ticket machine.
You will pay from
10 CZK per hour ( V Tišině, Romaina Rollanda and Boris Němcov square) to 40 CZK per hour (Nad Královskou oborou street). Weekend parking is free.